Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loom Band Hair Clips

Hi There!

A few weeks ago, I showed you some easy loom band crafts that my daughter made. She has a ton of Rainbow Loom bracelets, and because it seems like they multiply overnight, I wanted see what else we could make with the bands. Now that warm weather has arrived, I thought it would be fun to make some cute accessories to go with her spring outfits. So, the little Diva and I made some loom band hair clips in the shape of spring flowers and strawberries.

Rainbow loom strawberry and flower hair clips

She made a tulip and a rose without following any pattern, which I think is pretty impressive. The tulip has three points, and the rose is more of a bud. They each have a stem and a little leaf on one side. She also wanted to make a strawberry, but she was having trouble getting the shape right, so she found a tutorial online and got the shape she was looking for.

Rainbow Loom strawberry, tulip and rose charms

To make the hair clips, I took some plain barrettes that we already had and used hot glue to attach the Rainbow Loom charms onto the clips -- Easy peasy!

rainbow loom hair clips

Aren't they cute?! If you have girls in your life, you know how expensive their accessories can be! My daughter loves wearing headbands, bows and flowers in her hair, and this is an inexpensive way to add to her collection. Plus, it's nice alternative to making bracelets!

Thanks for checking out the latest craft project. If you have other Rainbow Loom ideas, I would love to hear about them! 

Have a great day!

Dee :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Day Only Sale

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Hi Everyone!

I want to give you a heads-up on a great deal from Reebok!

ONE DAY ONLY: Reebok Outlet Beat the Clock Sale - Up to 35% Off

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As you can see, the longer you wait, the less you save, so make sure to hit the sale early and hard. Before you know it, the day will be over and the deals will be long gone.

I've been wearing Reeboks since I was a young kiddo -- way back in the day, so I'm always excited when they have a great sale. 

Thanks for visiting, and happy shopping!

Dee :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spicy Grilled Cheese on Rye

Hello There!

I hope everyone is enjoying some great weather -- it's absolutely beautiful here! Now that there are only a few more weeks left until the school year is over, we're heading into some incredibly busy days and evenings. We've got concerts, plays, dances and parties coming up, and this is on top of our regularly scheduled chaos. So, what this means is there will be a lot of quick dinners around here! One of our favorite quick meals is grilled cheese, but we like to kick things up a little by varying the types of cheese and adding other ingredients. I love anything with a little heat, so spicy grilled cheese with tomatoes and jalepeno peppers is my personal favorite.

grilled cheese on rye bread with jalepeno peppers and tomatoes

I love using rye bread to make grilled sandwiches. The tanginess of the bread and the way it toasts so well make it the ideal complement to the melted cheese. Pluse, I hate soggy sandwiches! Just my personal opinion there, folks. 

Anyway, I like to butter the bread and grill each side separately and then layer thinly sliced cheese to each side. Here, I used a combination of provolone and cheddar-jack. I like to use a small pan to brown the jalepenos and tomatoes so that they're not cold when you add them to the melted cheese. 

provolone and cheddar-jack cheese with jalepenos on rye

When the cheese is melted, layer on the jalepenos and tomatoes, and close the sandwich up. You can toast the bread a little bit longer, but you need to flip it carefully so that the tomatoes don't fall out! Then, it't ready to serve.

grilled cheese on rye bread with jalepenos and tomatoes on a plate

This sandwich stays hot for a while, so be careful with that first bite! It can get messy and gooey -- really gooey, but that's how grilled cheese sandwiches are supposed to be, right?

grilled cheese with provolone, cheddar-jack, tomatoes and jalepenos on rye

Any other spice-lovers out there? I don't know if it's a regional thing, but adding jalepenos seems perfectly normal to me. How do you like your grilled cheese sandwiches?

Thanks for taking a peek into my kitchen today. Enjoy your week!

Dee :)

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Hi Everyone!

Wishing all of you who celebrate Easter a wonderful holiday!

Beagle with Easter basket

While I know it's not about the Easter Bunny or the Easter Beagle, our fur boy loves sticking his nose in many of the photos you see on the blog. So, I made him a part of my Easter card. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your blessings!

Dee :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painted Wine Crates

Hi Everyone!

I love the look of wooden crates, especially old ones, but around here, there aren't a lot of places to find them, and of course, vintage crates can be pricey. I managed to get my hands on two new wine crates right after Christmas, but it took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with them. Originally, I wanted to make shelves out of the crates, but I loved the French labels and I wanted these to show. So, today, I finally got around to painting the crates so that they look aged and have a little bit more character.

painted french wooden wine crates

Here is how one of the crates looked before I painted it. Actually, they both looked the same, but they are from different wineries, so the labels are different. Also, this one has nails, and the other one has staples.

unpainted wine crate

I decided to paint them in two different styles. I wanted this one to look like the wood was stained, but I didn't want to use an actual wood stain -- way too smelly. So, I decided to mimic the stained look by using some watered down burnt umber craft paint. On the other crate, I used some off-white latex paint from my stash.

burnt umber craft paint and behr latex white paint

The burnt umber color made a nice dark stain on the wood. I did a few layers, and then I went back and dabbed some paint around the edges and the bottom. There was a big paper label on the side, and although I was able to get the whole thing off, there was still some sticky residue, which produced a kind of distressed effect on the wood.

stained painted wine crate

Still, I like how this crate turned out. I love the darker color, and this is exactly the look I was after! I left the inside alone since I plan to use these crates to hold magazines, blankets or whatever else needs to be contained.

french wine crate stained dark brown

I gave the second one a thin coat of the white paint, and then I went back and dabbed some burnt umber paint in random places with a dry brush. This technique gives the crate a shabbier, more rustic look.

white distressed french wine crate

Much better! I should have done this a long time ago, but I hate to rush projects if I don't know exactly what I want them to look like. Now, they look like vintage crates you might find at a roadside stand.

wine crates holding plants, books and magazines

You can give just about anything a vintage look with a little bit of paint, and I'm loving the new look! 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest DIY project. Have a great day! 

Dee :)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No-Sew American Girl Doll Tutu

Hi There!

It's been awhile since I've made any no-sew doll clothes, so when my little Diva wanted some new clothes for her American Girl Doll, I went right to work. Last month, we made a ballet barre for her dolls, so I decided to make a no-sew tutu for her AG Doll to wear.

AG doll with pink tutu skirt

The doll has a pink leotard and short pink tutu, so I thought it would be nice to have a longer pink tutu too. Can you say that without smiling?! Instead of making it all one color, I used pink, white and purple tulle. My daughter has a lot of pretty dresses that she's outgrown, and I used the tulle from those dresses to make this skirt. This is a great way to save money on doll clothes and recycle the old children's clothes!

I started out by cutting long strips of tulle and tying them around a narrow pink ribbon. I have lots of ribbon around the house, so I just used a shade of pink that I had on hand.

tie strips of tulle around a ribbon

I alternated between pink and white until the tutu was long enough to cover the doll's waist without the pink ribbon showing. Then, I took some shorter pieces of purple tulle and tied them at various points around the tutu. The purple pieces are not very noticible, but they just give the skirt a hint of color. I left enough ribbon showing on either side and tied the ends together around the doll's waist to close the tutu.

no sew tulle skirt tied with ribbon

You can see the purple tulle better up close. When my daughter wants to take the skirt off, all she has to do is untie the ribbon--easy peasy! I also cut two tulle flowers from the same dress that I got the tulle strips and glued them to bobby pins. Now, the ballerina has a pretty headpiece too!

american girl doll with no sew tutu and tulle flowers

The skirt needed some extra bling, so my daughter pressed some pink heart-shaped crystal stickers on the tutu. I let her decide where she wanted them, and she did a good job. This tutu looks so much like some of the costumes that my little Diva and the other dancers at her studio wear when they perform, only this is a lot cheaper!

ag doll with no sew pink tutu and flowers

I was able to trim the tutu a tiny bit, but my daughter insisted it stay as long as possible. This was so easy to make that I think I'll make a shorter one too!

Thanks for taking the time to visit me and view my latest project. Have a wonderful day!

Dee :)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Fix Your Stubborn Sliding Glass Door

Hey There!

Have you ever put up with something that wasn't working well just because you were used to the situation? If so, you aren't alone! Our sliding glass door was a bear to move, but we were so used to it that the more stubborn it became, the harder we pushed to move it. Come to think of it, this could apply to people, as well! Anyway, when the younger kids could no longer open the door and I was tired of nearly throwing my back out whenever I let the fur boys outside, I decided it was time to fix this sliding glass door.

beagle outside sliding glass door

There's  a lot of advice on this topic online, and some people suggest removing the entire door. I really wanted to avoid this because our door is super heavy, and I wanted to see if cleaning the track would help. I'll spare you the before pictures because the buildup of dog hair and gunk was not pretty. 

I try to use natural cleaners whenever possible, so I grabbed my trusty spray bottle of white vinegar and saturated the entire track with vinegar. I was so surprised when the vinegar did the trick, and the gunk came off easily with some Q-Tips and paper towels. I used the Q-Tips to reach as far under the door as possible.

After I got most of the gunk out of the track, I vacuumed the track and the area around the door. Some people recommend vacuuming the door whenever you vacuum your floors, but our floor is all tile, so I normally don't vacuum here. This is what the track looked like after it was cleaned.  

cleaning track on sliding glass door

This worked for a while, and it was no nice to open and close the door without a major workout! But, it wasn't long before the door began to get stubborn again, so I knew I would have to apply some sort of grease to it. I did some research, and most sites recommended a dry lubricant. So, I went to Lowe's, but after reading the myriad warnings on the different lubricants, I was really hesitant to buy any. 

I did find this white lithium grease called Ultra Lube. It's plant based and non-toxic, and after determining that I could probably use this without passing out, breaking out in a horrible rash or mutating, I decided to try this.

Ultra Lube white lithium grease on sliding glass door

I applied the lubricant along the entire track with a paper towel. The directions didn't specify how much to apply, so I applied a thin coat and then tried the door. It was still a little bit stiff, so I applied a little more, and the door moved like a dream. Seriously, I can open the door with one hand, and even the little kids can open it!

wiping track down with white lithium

You can see the rugs on either side of the door, and although I should have moved them, you can see the grass and hair that gathers around the door. This is what gets trapped inside the track, so you can imagine how the track looked before!

If the door sticks again, I'll keep cleaning and applying more of the grease as long as I can before it's time to remove the doors. I'll let you know how this plays out. In the meantime, I guess I need to find a new upper body workout!

I was not given this product or compensated in any way. I just wanted to let you all know how easy it is to fix a sliding glass door using natural, non-toxic products.

Have a great day!

Dee :)

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